Discrete Theatre Invites Artists & Collaborators

Discrete Theatre Invites Artists & Collaborators

Discrete Theatre is the beginning of re-assimilation, reconfiguration and redesigning of our beloved form of collective expression, theatre, in a new realm. Its development was triggered by the Covid19 pandemic; however, its origins are not recent. Decades ago, when we engaged with a connected computer, we were sowing the seeds of a new form of theatre. Every chat forum we have been a part of was an extension of a character we were playing momentarily. Every moment we spent in front of these screens, we were the spectators, with everything that was thrown at us, which we scrolled by, paused and downloaded, we were the audience.

The digital revolution, the most recent ones, is something we are still grappling with. Huge disparities and hegemonies in hardware and software accessibility have essentially divided us in as many stratifications, as there are in our offline worlds. The globalisation movement has increased technological access for billions of us around the world and has led to more affinity towards the devices we are now virtually attached to. For centuries before, the arts were characterised by real-world encounters with motifs that would exhilarate us, freeing us from the monotony of life,essentially it has been about mobility. When sitting with a laptop, which gives us access to having those encounters at unprecedented speeds all day, is the monotony, what would art then be? What would theatre then be?

As performers we learn to connect with our bodies properly, we train our voice to project emotions, meanings and messages, we embody other souls in order to realise and reveal the text that we have internalised through engaging and rehearsing. We train to perform with equal vigour on a street, on a proscenium, in live environments, at protests and luxurious auditoriums. When our stage is now a screen, or a chat-bot, or a comment form, how to we adapt to it? What would this performance be if we cannot carry the body we have trained so well? How do we disembody our-self?

Whether we come out of the Covid19 pandemic or not, what is more than obvious is that we have evolved significantly as we are now able to maintain multiple existences of ourselves in both the realms. These multiple personalities that co-exist in us have their own needs and desires, and theatre will transcend to fulfil some of those.

Discrete Theatre is launching its first production-oriented workshop in search of these answers. We need actors, designers, producers and technologists, writers, sellers and business specialists. Calling collaborators who are proficient in English and able to access stable internet connection at their places of shelter. Applicants can send in a brief introduction that mentions their interests and answer the following questions in their email.

  1. What one thing will you be willing to give up in exchange for freedom?
  2. If you could go back in time just for a few seconds, what specific thing will you tell your 10-year younger self?

Actors – 5 (may change with further development)
Producers – 3 (familiarity and previous experiements in the digital domain will be a plus)
Associates – 3 

Application Deadline – 5th July (extended)
Selections – 5th July
Workshop – 5th July – 25th July
Performance – 30th July (TBC)

Send in your applications to theatre@artsandcultureindia.com 

Since it is a novel production, it is not possible to estimate the remunerations for participants. What is on offer however, is the opportunity to be in the founding members of this genre, and possible share in the revenues generated, if any from the first production. It is advisable therefore to think of this as a voluntary emgagement at this stage.

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Suraj Prasad